EG Subway Surfers is a subway themed endless run game Slide the screen to surf in subway escape from inspectors EG Subway Surf is super crazy running game that takes you in the Subway as Subway Surfers Surf jump from train to train make sure not to get caught and try to get as far …


Unlock The Lock

Unlock The Lock

Ever wanted to try to learn picking a lock? Then check out this easy yet addicting mobile friendly game called Hack the Lock! Tap your device or click on the screen the moment the line touches the dot to unlock the lock! Try to make it pass level 100 and boast it on your friends! …

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Snow Balls

About the Game: Ever wonder what ULTIMATE KID POWER is truly capable of? Experience a homemade and hand-cranked winter pinball adventure, sending your behemoth snow spheres through a bobsled maze of snowbanks, homemade wooden paddles, Tesla coils, igloos, railcars and more…


Hidden Spots – Indonesia

Hidden Spots: Indonesia is an interesting hidden object game to play on. Find all the hidden spots on the images from Indonesia. There are some interesting artifacts to find on. Click on the image where you have spotted a hidden spot. We all know Indonesia is really very great at finding ancient monuments, so just …

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About Connect all the islands by bridges using the given numbers. Create as many bridges to/from an island as is indicated. Two islands can be connected with each other only vertically or horizontally and with no more then 2 bridges.


Castle Mysteries

Mystery Castle is the one puzzle game that will rule them all! This game is for everyone who loves adventure, treasure hunting, laughing out loud, transforming into creatures, drinking potions, possessing monsters, explosions, inept wizards, witless golems, huge floating eyeballs, magic portals, magic lanterns, grumpy dwarfs, cheerful eskimos, irate hotel owners, giant monsters, throwing bombs …

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Solitaire Connect

Solitaire Connect

This is a timed 12-stage Mahjong Connect game where players match identical cards which are adjacent or can be connected by a line which is straight or turns at 90 degrees no more than twice without passing through any other stones. Connect identical tiles which can be connected with a line that turns no more …

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Olko is a nice variant of the classic mahjong solitaire with fast and dynamic levels, the ability to submit your scores and to play full screen. Do not fall asleep in front of your screen because levels are short and you have a limited time to complete them. The graphics are of good quality and …

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